Residents take measures to protect homes following string of bur


Residents take measures to protect homes following string of burglaries


YUMA, AZ - Yuma County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate a string of home burglaries and vehicle break-ins in the Yuma Foothills area. Deputies tell KSWT News 13 thieves have broken into ten homes and 22 vehicles.

The YCSO says the thieves who are burglarizing these homes and breaking into vehicles are tough to catch, because some residents have left their homes and cars unlocked making it easy for thieves to steal their belongings without leaving a trace of evidence. 

Yuma Foothills residents Marlene and Otis Aubul say they are now taking security matters into their own hands to keep burglars from targeting their home.

"[I'm] looking at possibly getting a security device. They're pretty good deterrent," said Otis.

He and his wife are shocked about the recent string of home break-ins in their once normally quiet neighborhood. They say they've always left their car unlocked without a worry but that's not the case anymore.

"We had left them unlocked for the most part and we won't be leaving anything of any value in sight in the car to make it a tempting target," said Otis.

In response to this latest crime spree YCSO Deputy Roxanne Meyers tells KSWT News 13 deputies have also stepped-up patrol throughout the Yuma Foothills area.

"The officers are going through the neighborhoods more frequently; they're driving a little bit slower, just making sure the neighborhood is safe and that there is nothing going on or any suspicious activity taking place" said Meyers.

Deputy Meyers says the message now is for residents to start locking their doors to their cars and to their homes, including their garage doors.

"Let's just say the intruder went to a vehicle with gloves on and open the vehicle and takes the property out, closed the door quietly, we really don't have anything to go off of," said Meyers. "Versus if the vehicle was locked and they attempted to break in and they broke a window, it would definitely alert a dog in the neighborhood, it would alert a neighbor."

The Abdul's plan to take security measures one step further; they've now teamed up with their neighbors to keep a watchful eye out for each other and for criminals.

Deputies have not made any arrests in any of these home burglaries or car break-ins. In cases like these, they say the key to helping catch criminals is for everyone to get involved.   

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