Suspects in rash of recent robberies share similar descriptions


Suspects in rash of recent robberies share similar descriptions


YUMA – KSWT News 13 viewers might be experiencing some déjà vu tonight. If the armed robbery at the Ramada Inn rings a familiar bell, it's not surprising. And not because they've been robbed three times since last January.

KSWT news 13 ran a very similar story about a separate armed robbery on January 2nd. It was a Subway restaurant and not a Ramada Inn, and the robberies were four miles apart from each other.

But the suspect description is uniquely similar. In both armed robberies, one of the suspects is described as about 5' 4" tall wearing an old man Halloween type mask. Does that mean the same person robbed both places?

Yuma police say not necessarily.

Short of physical evidence, such as DNA or clear surveillance video, detectives working armed robbery cases do not assume similar descriptions of criminals (or crimes) necessarily connect them.

But when they do catch a crook, police take a long hard look at a number of criteria to see if the criminal they have in custody might have committed other crimes in the past.

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