City policy on stray animals confuses residents


City policy on stray animals confuses residents


YUMA, AZ - There's been a lot of confusion regarding the city's new policy on what to do with stray animals.

City of Yuma officials tell KSWT News 13 they simply want the public to call them so they can send a city of Yuma employed animal control officer to go and pick up the stray animal.

The City of Yuma says it wants to be able to verify the number of stray animals taken to the Humane Society of Yuma so it can then compare and track the dollar amount the humane society is billing the city for housing stray dogs and cats.

However, when we asked both the City of Yuma and the Humane Society of Yuma to provide KSWT News 13 with numbers, including how much money is being billed to the city of Yuma and how many stray animals are being housed for the city neither side could give us factual numbers.

Shawn Smith, the Executive Director at the Humane Society tells KSWT News 13 "A stray animal, when typically brought in there was no charge. We'd just bill that entity, the City of Yuma City of Somerton or Yuma County." When asked do you see this problem growing? Smith replied "It could continue to grow if we don't come together if we don't work collectively, The Humane Society and all the government entities it could be a huge financial burden for the tax payers."

Again, the City of Yuma tells us they feel they were being over charged. That is why they are now requiring residents to call city animal control so that they can attempt to verify the numbers.

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