Mushroom BLT

Food for thought with Chef Brandon McGuire

Mushroom BLT

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Mushroom BLT - Sautéed Cremini Mushrooms (baby portabellas) roasted red bell pepper, turkey bacon, red leaf lettuce, tomato, and buttermilk cream chz spread.

Buttermilk cream cheese spread - Chive and onion Philadelphia cream cheese (8oz) with 2oz buttermilk, and Mrs. Dash original (season to taste) mix together until sourcream like consistency. 

Sweet potato chips - peel and slice sweet potatoes into rounds (about as thick as a quarter) put slices into a large bowl with some olive oil and toss untill potatoes are completely coated. Spread them out on a sheet tray and bake at 405 degrees for 12-15 min (more time may be needed depending on how much your baking at once)

Roasted red bell pepper - Put some oil in a pan on med high heat. Cut as many planks off the bell pepper as you can (cut from the outside of the pepper off of the sides) place flanks into the pan and cook approximately 3-5 min on each side (optional to season lightly with salt but recommended) take out of the pan when you see a roasted color start to form.

Note -  sauté the mushrooms with olive oil and minced garlic until translucent.


1) Take your mini sub roll and put spread on both sides.

2) Place mushrooms on the bottom so they stick to the spread.

3) Place a slice of roasted red bell pepper on top of mushrooms.

4) Place 1 strip turkey bacon on top of bell pepper.

5) Place red leaf lettuce on top bun followed with the tomato put it together and enjoy.

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