Rep. Grijalva talks social security and Medicaid during Yuma vis


Rep. Grijalva talks social security and Medicaid during Yuma visit


YUMA, AZ - Congressman Raul Grijalva is in Yuma today to speak at several events on social security, Medicaid and Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Grijalva's visit comes one week after Arizona Governor Jan Brewer came to Yuma to promote her reversed stance on expanding Medicaid. Congressman Grijalva made two stops in Yuma today.

He toured the new Veterans Administration Clinic right after speaking at a Western Arizona Council of Government Conference.

KSWT News 13 spoke to the state representative about preserving social security funds, expanding Arizona's Medicaid program and comprehensive immigration reform.

Congressman Grijalva says to keep the social security system running; both democrats and republicans will have to compromise by giving a little to take a little.

"People want us to solve problems, they want us to get the spending under control but they don't want to see their social security devastated," said Grijalva.

We also asked Congressman Grijalva what he thought about Governor Jan Brewer's reversal to expand Medicaid which is a key component of Obamacare.

Grijalva tells KSWT News 13 he's happy the state's top leader has pushed aside political posturing and is taking care of people.

"The number of people that were cut off previously, added to the roles, uncompensated care in the state will go down, hospitals are happy, providers are happy, and generally everyone is a little bit healthier, especially children," he said.

On immigration, KSWT News 13 asked the U.S. Representative if he's willing to compromise. Democrats want to give illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship; republicans want them to go to the back of the line.     

"The debate is going to get heated but I think the shrill… hateful rhetoric is becoming a thing of the past and I think adults are going to dominate this discussion."

Congressman Grijalva is in the Yuma County area for one more day. Today he hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for his new office in Somerton. Friday, he will visit Promotoras of South County to talk about Obamacare.

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