City and County in discussion for new kennel


City and County in discussion for new kennel


YUMA, Ariz. (KSWT News 13) - Yuma County Administrator Robert Pickels says that since the county's animal control officers started picking up stray animals, they've experienced an increase in responding to more than 400 calls.  

Therefore, Pickels says the best way to streamline all costs involved in picking up an animal, then house, license, and neuter or spay it--is to join forces with the city.

Pickels says this could save money for taxpayers.  

Pickels tells KSWT News 13, "the consideration of an animal kennel or transitional facility that is run and managed by the county and cities is all about controlling cost and reducing the cost."

Pickels denies the idea to partner with the city came about due to accusations the Humane Society is overcharging the county.

"Again it boils down to the challenge we've had with the increase in numbers of calls increase in response demand that we've had is causing us to look at alternatives of ways we  can't do this in a more cost efficient way," Pickels said.

We asked Cookie Wagner of the Humane Society of Yuma how a county and city owned kennel would affect them. 

KSWT asked: "If the county and city are trying to squeeze the Humane Society out does that mean the Humane Society failed at providing numbers, accurate numbers to them for accounting purposes?"

Cookie replied, "We've never failed to provide any erroneous numbers whatsoever and anybody can come in a look at the records and look at the books."

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