Brazen burglar on the loose- Yuma

Brazen burglar on the loose- Yuma


Yuma, AZ- "I'm a little nervous," said Francis.

She says she's a little on edge after hearing about a burglar who broke into her neighbors home over the weekend but she says her protective dogs bring her some comfort.

"They bark the minute someone even walks by the drive way, they will let us know if someone is here."

The Yuma County Sheriff's office says an elderly woman who lives on Yavapai lane near 8th street woke up after hearing noises coming from her living room.

When she went to see what all the commotion was about she confronted a man wearing dark clothing who was inside of her house.

Deputies say it's very uncommon for burglars to enter a home when the resident is there.

They say burglars usually scope out the area and then strike when no one is around.

Deputies say the burglar then grabbed a pair of pants and took off running out of the house.

They later found the pants in a dumpster - but not the wallet - the car keys or the burglar.

right now deputies say they are still investigating how the burglar got inside of the home since there was no sign of forced entry.

It's possible the doors was unlocked- or the burglar picked the lock.

The victim was not able to get a good description of the burglar.

Meanwhile, deputies want to remind residents to make sure you always lock doors, especially at night.


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