Police continue to investigate gun reported at local elementary

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Police continue to investigate gun reported at local elementary school

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YUMA, Ariz. (KSWT News 13) - After reports of a possible gun on an elementary school campus, KSWT News 13 has a follow up on yesterday's school lockdowns.

For about four and a half hours, there were hundreds of scared students, worried parents and anxious school officials.

Today KSWT News 13 wanted to know, what are the consequences if a student is caught with a gun on a school campus?

Police say a student could face serious charges, such as aggravated assault, if caught with a gun on a school campus.

Yuma Police Department, the Yuma County Sheriff's Office and Border Patrol were called to Rancho Viejo Elementary School after a report that a student may have had a gun while on campus.

Today, police are still investigating even though no gun was found.

Sergeant Leanne Worthen with the Yuma Police Department says investigators continue to talk with the student who reported the information.   

We wanted to know what consequences a student could face if police would have found a student with a gun.

"It varies, again, it depends on what they did and what they did with it," said Sgt. Worthen.

"I can't directly tell you exactly every charge but there's things like disorderly conduct with a weapon, there's aggravated assault, yet those could potentially be one of them."

Police want to make it clear that harsh punishment, even for a ten year old, is designed to make sure they think twice about taking a gun to school.

As for the parents of a child who brings a gun to school, Sgt. Worthen says parents could also be charged with a crime.

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