Sanchez avoids jail time under plea agreement in child abuse cas


Sanchez avoids jail time under plea agreement in child abuse case


EL CENTRO, CA - A former Imperial County politician charged with felony child abuse after he was caught on tape whipping his stepson has pleaded guilty to lesser charges.

In exchange for his guilty plea, Anthony Sanchez agreed to a misdemeanor charge for putting a child in danger.

The plea deal made sense for both sides. Sanchez's defense attorney tells me his client does not have a prior criminal record and does not deserve to be treated like one.

The District Attorney's Office tells me it agreed to the plea deal to keep Sanchez's step child from having to testify and go through a trial.

Under his plea deal, Sanchez will serve three years probation, perform 50 hours of community service, and attend anger management classes for a year.

Had the case gone to trial, Sanchez could have faced up to six years in prison.

Sanchez originally turned himself into to Imperial County Sheriff's last June, after a neighbor uploaded a video on YouTube showing Sanchez in the backyard of his Heber home hitting his stepson with a belt.

KSWT News 13 sat down with Ryan Childers, Sanchez's defense attorney and Heather Trapnell, the Imperial Valley District Attorney. Both of them say they are satisfied with the outcome of this case but for two very different reasons.

"I'll say that I'm happy with the result for my client in the sense that he doesn't have to spend any time in jail and that he gets an opportunity now to move on with his life without a felony on his record," said Childers about the plea agreement.

"We have to take into considerations what a trial would do to him, to have to come out here, leave school, testify, go against his stepfather. These are all considerations that we take into account when we make these decisions," said Trapnell about Sanchez's stepson.

Trapnell also says the young boy is doing well and is now living with his biological father.

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