Yuma City Council: Call To The Public moved to end of meeting

Yuma City Council: Call To The Public moved to end of meeting


YUMA - When it comes to voicing your opinion, some city leaders claim some residents have abused their time during Call to the Public, using it to bash public figures instead of addressing relevant city issues.

This evening, city council members moved tonight's Call to the Public to the end of the meeting, making 24 people wait hours to speak their mind on business not on tonight's agenda, such as the newly proposed city/county kennel.

But the issue of permanently moving "Call to the Public" to the end of meetings was on tonight's agenda, and when the council got around to it, there was no shortage of discussion.

Five people addressed the council about the Call to the Public issue, and none of them wanted to see it pushed to the end of the agenda.

One man suggested having two Calls to the Public, one at the beginning of each city council meeting and one at the end.

Councilmember Edward Thomas spoke up after the people addressed the council on the Call to the Public issue, and took a political potshot at Mayor Al Krieger.

"The Chair of this meeting has not said, ‘You will not denigrate anyone on our staff, our police department, our fire department or council.' That's the reason why this was being considered," said Thomas.

Mayor Krieger fired back.

"If you're thin-skinned enough to where you can't take a little criticism from the public, people that you actually work for, then maybe you're not in the right place. I don't know that the charge of me allowing people to be denigrated is accurate. I don't think it is," said Krieger.

Tonight the issue of moving the Call to the Public to the end of the meeting Order of Business was introduced. It still must be adopted by a future council vote and, if approved, would go into effect 30 days later.

The next city council meeting will take place two weeks from tonight.

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