El Centro and Yuma Police Looking for Same Burglar

El Centro and Yuma Police Looking for Same Burglar


YUMA – (KSWT NEWS 13) - Police need your help identifying a man wanted for burglarizing two businesses: one in El Centro and one in Yuma.

Both burglaries happened several months ago, but police say leads have run dry.

Take a look at the man (pictured).

The first burglary happened around 9 o'clock on the night of October 26, 2012 at the Imperial Truck and Auto Parts store on South McCullen in El Centro. Surveillance video captured the burglar, breaking in through the front door. He busted the cash register drawer out of the counter and took off.

The cash register was found three days later in a medical office parking lot. A surveillance camera there captured the car the thief used in the burglary. Police say it's a dark-colored Nissan or Toyota with a faded hood.

Just hours later, in the early morning hours of October 27th, the burglar struck again, this time at Mister G's restaurant in Yuma. Yuma police say around 1:15am, a surveillance camera snapped two photos of the man.

The thief left Mr. G's empty-handed, but not before busting their front glass door with a rock, slamming the empty cash registers on the floor, rifling through the kitchen and escaping through a back exit.

A Mr. G's manager tells KSWT News 13, Yuma police almost caught the burglar that night, but he managed to slip away.

Nearly four months later, with no productive leads, police are asking for your help bringing this burglar to justice.

Anyone who has information on who he is, is asked to call police or 78-CRIME.

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