Man Faces Attempted 2nd Degree Murder


Man Faces Attempted 2nd Degree Murder


YUMA, Ariz. – (KSWT News 13) Court records say Marco Velasco, 30, tried to kill someone.

He's charged with second degree murder.

Gunfire rang out around 1:15 a.m. Thursday morning near Avenue A and 23rd Street, and a nearby police officer heard the shots.

"He saw four people fighting in the street. When he approached them, all the individuals ran, while one was running, turned around, stopped, pointed a pistol in his direction and then took off running again," explains Ofcr. Joe Franklin, Public Affairs Officer for the Yuma Police Department.

Velasco then ran into the Pop-a-Top Saloon, where a bouncer wrestled the gun out of his hands.

"What he did was commendable, but he put himself at risk," says Franklin.

Velasco ran out the front of the bar, where police caught and arrested him nearby.

He faces a long list of charges, including attempted second-degree murder, two counts of aggravated assault on an officer, disorderly conduct with a weapon and illegal possession of a weapon.

Velasco has a rap sheet for drugs and/or weapons going back as far as 2001. In April 2012, he made a plea deal on drug and weapons charges, for which he is still on probation.  

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