Friends pay tribute to Daniel Romero

Friends pay tribute to Daniel Romero


El Centro, CA- Friends gathered to pay tribute to their friend Daniel Romero. They played his favorite music and told stories about him at his favorite bar- Mirage Bar and Grill.

"He was my friend, he was very generous loving, It's just really bad that he is not here anymore," Said Jerry.

Romero was a son, a brother, and a father of two girls. A Veteran to his country and a friend to all who shared his favorite Bar.

They used this night to remember Daniel Romero and to raise money to help pay for his funeral and give him a proper place to rest.

"I got a phone call from a friend who said hey did you hear- I was like come on, you have to be joking," said Jerry.

Romero just 31 years old died early Sunday morning after he got into a fight with at least one bouncer at Kashmir night club.

The bar owner claims it took three more to restrain Romero.

Imperial Police say they are still investigating his cause of death.

"I think there are a lot of questions that are now unanswered, like why, how. I just don't understand. I'm just waiting for a final report or something official," said Jerry.

What is known to all who paid tribute to Romero is that his life was cut way too short.

If there was one last thing you could say to Danny- What would you say?

"I still owe you a Carne Asada, I just feel bad we didn't get to have our last one," said Jerry.

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