Safe Havens for babies

Safe Havens for babies


YUMA, AZ - The horrific discovery of a dead baby at the Somerton recycling plant yesterday is raising many questions. What options do parents have if they can't care for their babies?

Under Arizona state law a parent, mother or father, who doesn't want their newborn can drop off their baby at a place deemed a Safe Haven. They can do so with no questions asked. These Safe Haven" locations include: hospitals, churches, and fire stations.

"100-percent, we prefer that you bring the baby to us. It is a human being, it is a life," said Luis Cebreros, a San Luis Firefighter.

Cebreros wants all parents who don't want their newborn to know they can drop off their baby at any fire station, with no questions asked. 

"Without repercussions, without judging or anything like that we are a place where you can drop off the baby," he said.

While no questions are asked, Cebreros says leaving information about the baby would be helpful. "Name, birth date, anything, was it premature or how was it delivered? Was it at home?"

The person can also remain anonymous. Plus, under state law, a person who drops off a newborn will not be charged criminally. That's because the Safe Haven law is designed to protect innocent newborns from being abandoned, and instead given a chance to live.

"We do have to check the baby for any kind of abuse, any kind of neglect, either physically or not feeding the baby," explained Cebreros.

Cebreros says while the San Luis Fire Department has never had anyone drop off a baby there, he says if it were to happen they'd take in the newborn with open arms.

"We're not going to try and convince you not to drop off the baby."

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