Psychologist perspective on dead baby found in recycle bin

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Psychologist perspective on dead baby found in recycle bin


Somerton, AZ- The death of a baby who's body was found in a recycling plant in Somerton has many wondering who would do something like this and why.

"Usually when someone does something like that- they aren't in their right mind," said Dr. Troy Love a Psychologist from Courageous Journeys.

Dr. Troy Love a psychologist says it's impossible to say for sure what really happened in this situation but he says from his experience many of those who commit such crimes share some similar traits.

"They aren't thinking clearly, they don't think about the consequences and they are dealing with an incredible amount of pain. They don't feel they can let that out in a healthy way," said Dr.Love.

Dr.Love says in general someone who could commit such a horrific act may also suffer from depression and anxiety.

He says the person could also be facing difficulties in their personal life.

"Maybe they didn't have the financial abilities to care for the baby. Or maybe the baby was born out of a bad situation like a rape or other variable circumstances that would make someone feel like they don't have the capability to care for the baby," said Dr.Love.

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