Community shocked by dead baby found at plant: police continue i

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Community shocked by dead baby found at recycling plant: police continue investigating


SOMERTON, AZ - Somerton Police continue to investigate the gruesome discovery of a dead baby whose body was found wrapped in plastic at the recycling plant.

Now four days later, police are relying on residents in this close knit community to help them identify who's responsible for dumping the baby's body.

In a small community you'd expect news to spread fast, but as we found out today, that is not the case in Somerton.

"Horror! I was very suprising," said Norma Molina, a long time Somerton resident.

Like many others, Molina was shocked when she heard the news about city workers finding a dead baby wrapped in a plastic bag dumped inside a bin at this recycling plant.

"As a mother is difficult for me to understand something like that," she said.

Molina and her son, Carlos, live less than half a mile from the recycling plant. But they just learned of the dead baby - yesterday.   

"At first I didn't believe it 'cause how could somebody actually do that in the first place. I got shocked when I heard it," said Carlos.

In a town, where everyone knows each other, for the most part, police are relying on residents to help them identify a mother who may have been pregnant, is no longer pregnant, but doesn't have a baby with her. 

"When something happens right here in Somerton, every body knows," said Molina. "I hope that the police found the person that did that."

The baby's body was sent to Tucson for an autopsy to determine the cause of death. Those results can take up to six weeks.

Right now, police are knocking on doors trying to find new leads. Meanwhile, police urge anyone with information to call 78-crime. Your call will remain anonymous.

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