In response to school shootings Brawley High School beefs up sec


In response to school shootings Brawley High School beefs up security


BRAWLEY, Calif. (KSWT News 13) - In wake of the recent school shootings across the nation, schools are beefing up security every way possible, including in Imperial Valley.

Brawley High School has hired two staff members to monitor who's coming and who's leaving campus.

Brawley High School Principal Simon Canalez says safe-guarding his students is his number one priority.

But he does not support the idea of arming teachers or school staff with guns. He says that's a job for police officers.

Canalez says that's why he pushed for the district to give him the okay to hire school monitors to keep a watchful eye on who's coming onto campus.

Canalez says due to state-wide budget cuts, Brawley schools no longer have armed school resource officers.

He says unlike lawmakers from his neighboring state who are proposing teachers to have guns on campus, he does not think that's the solution.

"There's all kinds of issues in regards to liability and safety and training and all the things that would go with that and so I think first and foremost if we can increase funding to focus on school resource officers back on campus that would be the primary start for us before we would ever contemplate something like that," he said.

Canalez also says that even though they don't have a school resource officer, the school has an open door policy with local law enforcement officers who he says they often stop by campus and take a look around.

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