Yuma Mayor speaks out about lawsuit he filed against the city

Yuma Mayor speaks out about lawsuit he filed against the city


Yuma,AZ- In his lawsuit filed against the city, Yuma Mayor Al Krieger names all six council members plus Finance Director Pat Wicks and city Administrator Greg Wilkinson in their official capacities.

The mayor claims he was forced to hire his own attorney at his own expense to defend himself against accusations of misconduct including abuse of power.

KSWT NEWS 13- What do you hope to accomplish by filing a lawsuit against the city?

Mayor Krieger- I hope to get my money due back to me. Council members had an attorney represent them, the law says that I get the same treatment as they do. I spent over $15-thousand protecting myself from them, they spent $75-thousand of tax payer money attacking me.

Mayor Krieger claims city law mandates that the city and council provide the cost of legal defense to an elected official.

According to this lawsuit the city council passed this law in 1982.

KSWT NEWS 13- After filing this law suit do you really think you can continue to work with the other council members to fulfill the needs of the people.?

Mayor Krieger- I don't work for the other city council members, they are elected. I work for the people and I do my best to represent them. I'm doing everything I can to be a good ambassador.

In a statement released on the city's website city administrator Greg Wilkinson says the city will likely hire outside counsel to defend itself against the Mayor's lawsuit.

"Apparently they're going to waste more tax payer money to defend themselves when they know the laws as well as I do," said Mayor Krieger

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