Police still investigating dead baby found in recycling plant du


Police still investigating dead baby found in recycling plant dumpster

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SOMERTON, Ariz. (KSWT News 13) - It's been more than a week since workers at the Somerton recycling plant found the body of a dead baby wrapped inside a plastic bag.

Police tell KSWT News 13 they are expanding their investigation outside of city limits to find the person responsible for dumping the baby's body.

Right now, police say no one has come forward with leads on who may have been pregnant, is no longer pregnant, and doesn't have a baby.

So they've expanded their investigation and are working with Mexican police to keep an ear out for any leads that may pop up.

Somerton Police spokesperson Oscar Quintero says investigators are exploring all possibilities on both sides of the border.

Quintero says officers are currently following a few leads but he would not elaborate any further.

He says in cases like this one, the community's help is crucial to solving this crime.

"The location could be anywhere in the area. The person could be from anywhere from this county, could be next door in California, could be Mexico," Quintero said.

"We're right, pretty much right in the middle of everything. It could be from any location. Community input, not just for Somerton but anybody in the area, Yuma, anywhere in the area where they're watching us, south of the border- it doesn't matter. They know something, hear something, or seen smoething, to call us up."

Right now, police say they are going house to house knocking on doors, asking people if they have any information.

He admits, residents in this close-knit community are frustrated police have yet to solve this case.

Again, police urge anyone with information to contact them at 78-CRIME.

Your call will remain anonymous. 



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