Yuma military air show not affected by sequestration

Yuma military air show not affected by sequestration


YUMA, AZ - The looming sequestration deadline could also bring nearly $50 billion in military budget cuts. Some viewers wanted to know if the upcoming military air show would be affected.

Captain Staci Reidinger with Marine Corp Air Station Yuma says no. Across the board budget cuts will not impact this year's air show.

Therefore, all of you air show enthusiasts there's no need to worry; the 51st Annual MCAS-Yuma Air Show will run as scheduled on March 9 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.         

Captain Reidinger credits good budget planning for safe-guarding this year's air show from possible budget cuts.

Reidinger admits, other military air shows have been cancelled or forced to scale back. She says that's not the case in Yuma because organizers have partnered with the local community to keep costs down.

"This air station itself has tried to be very good stewards of the money that is used for these events that go on. So in comparison to some other larger shows, a lot of the things we do is working with the sponsors and things like that in order to offset any major fees that maybe incurred with the show," said Capt. Reidinger.

Capt. Reidinger says during last year's air show they had an attendance of about 60,000 people through out the day and they expect that number to grow this time around.

This year's theme is "Saluting Our Brave and Time-honored Korean and Vietnam War Veterans."

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