Brewer Talks about President Obama's Meeting with Governors

Brewer Talks about President Obama's Meeting with Governors


WASHINGTON, DC – (KSWT News 13) - President Obama spoke to U.S. governors in the nation's capital. Arizona governor Jan Brewer was there.

"When he first began his speech he said, we're all there to work together and we could talk about anything from immigration to education," Brewer said after the meeting.

But there was no discussion of immigration. Brewer said the president didn't bring it up and neither did she, adding the president was aware of her position on illegal immigration and proposed immigration reform.

What they did talk about was sequestration:  hundreds of billions of dollars in automatic spending cuts set to go into effect on Friday.

President Obama asked the governors to make the short trip to Capitol Hill to ask their state representatives to work together for a compromise. Brewer understood the president's request.

"I know as a leader, you want all the help you can get," said Brewer.

But Brewer did not go to Capitol Hill.

"I think it's probably asking a little bit much," explained Brewer, a republican.

President Obama wants to increase taxes to help fill the budget gap, but republicans want to cut spending instead.  

Governor Brewer says the responsibility for a fiscal solution falls upon the president.

"The deal was done and he made the deal, and now he should do his job and get us out of this mess," said Brewer.

The uncertainty of federal funding has state budgets hanging in limbo, but Brewer says that's not her main concern.

"I'm more concerned about the cuts it gives to the economy, a loss of jobs in Arizona, because we work so hard and we know that businesses like Raytheon the defense arm that we have in Arizona will take substantial hits."

Brewer is expected to return to Arizona tomorrow. President Obama will be at a Virginia shipyard trying to rally public support.

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