Resident fears budget cuts will make border less secure

Resident fears budget cuts will make border less secure


Yuma, AZ- "It's a very tranquil in this neighborhood," says Jesus.

Jesus tells KSWT News 13 today his neighborhood is a much safer place to live. His house is located half a mile from the border.

He says today it's so safe you can leave your keys in the car with it running and even leave your house doors unlocked. but there was a time not long ago when this wasn't the case.

Jesus says 8 years ago things were very different illegal immigrants would easily cross the border, run through his yard and even steal his laundry and kids toys.

Back then this free for all became known as bonzai runs when agents were out numbered.

Jesus says he is very concerned about the looming budget cuts that could reduce the Border patrol by 5,000 agents including some from the Yuma Sector.

Jesus says the real difference maker has been doubling the number of agents patrolling along the border.

He's concerned cutting back on the overall number of agents would once again take away and his piece of mind.

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