Baby found at Somerton plant was a 20-week old male fetus

Baby found at Somerton plant was a 20-week old male fetus


YUMA, AZ - KSWT News 13 has learned new information on the dead baby who was found wrapped inside of a plastic bag at the Somerton recycling plant earlier this month.

The Pima County Medical Examiner's Office says autopsy results show the baby was a five month old fetus.  

At this point, the Pima County Medical Examiner's Office tells KSWT News 13 the cause of death is still undetermined but all physical evidence points to a stillbirth.

A still birth, also called a miscarriage, is when the baby dies inside the mother's womb before being carried to a full term, which is usually 38 to 40 weeks.

Chief Medical Examiner for Pima County Doctor Greg Hess says the fetus was a baby boy about 20 weeks old.

He says the autopsy examination is on-going because there's still many unanswered questions; one being the race of the infant.

"Skin color really hasn't come out yet. In infants that small tend to have diffusely red kind of skin," said Doctor Hess.

Doctor Hess says they expect to have the full autopsy report in the next week or two. "We aren't done yet. We still are going to look at signs for infection, something like chorioamnionitis or something like that, an infection in the amniotic fluid, kind of a common cause of a miscarriage."

As for the criminal investigation, we reached out to the Somerton Police Department and they did not want to comment on the latest developments.

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