ICE denies Babeu's claim that 500 illegals were released in AZ

ICE denies Babeu's claim that 500 illegals were released in AZ


Yuma, AZ- "I'm still not believing the information they are putting out," said Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu.

Sheriff Babeu is sticking to his guns and is standing behind his own original calculation.

He claims ICE has released more than 500 criminal illegal immigrants back into the streets of his jurisdiction over the weekend.

"People who actually work in the facilities are reporting these different numbers to me," said Sheriff Babeu.

But ICE tells KSWT News 13 the sheriff's numbers are simply not accurate.

ICE claims 52 illegal immigrants were released from the Pinal County Jail.

Overall in Arizona the feds say 303 detainees have been freed from jail. Sheriff Babeu says it's possible many of them could have come from other areas including Yuma and El Centro.

"Many were arrested outside of Pinal County and now they have opened the doors and released them. You're likely to see them return to where ever they were arrested or detained," said Sheriff Babeu.

We asked ICE if any of the illegal immigrants released were violent criminals. The agency says no that those illegal immigrants who were let out of jail do not pose a threat to others in the community.

Sheriff Babeu disagrees.

"These criminal illegals are the worst of the 11million. They are so bad even Janet Napolitano and Obama said they wanted them deported, our county jail holds a level 3, which is the highest level of offender that ICE doesn't even house," said Sheriff Babeu

According to ICE all 303 illegal immigrants released have been placed on a supervised release program and they are still going through the deportation process.

"Hundreds of criminal illegals have been released to the street with the promise of surveillance and tracking. What illegal in their right mind is going to check in with the authorities. Who isn't going to cut off their ankle bracelets, what's the worst that could happen to them, get deported," said Sheriff Babeu.

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