F35 at MCAS successfully completes second flight training

F35 at MCAS successfully completes second flight training


YUMA, AZ - News that the military grounded the F-35 fighter jet last week due to a crack found in one of the jets engine caused by extreme temperatures has raised new concerns in Yuma.

KSWT News 13 wanted to know if scorching temperatures during the summer would once again force the fighter jet to be grounded.

Officials at Marine Corps Air Station - Yuma say they have already met to discuss this very same issue. They are not releasing any details on what was said during the meeting.

But what we do know, as of right now, they will continue flight training as scheduled.

"They'll be on schedule to start to expand this flight operation as the days and months go forward," said Captain Staci Reidinger.

In fact, an F-35 was flying across the Yuma skies Friday morning.

"I just received a report… from the commanding officer of the squadron stating that they had landed safely and everything was fine in their second flight," said Capt. Reidinger. She did not say how often the fighter jets will be flying.

This comes the day after the pentagon lifted the flight ban imposed last Thursday after a crack was found on a turbine blade in a F-35 at the Edwards Air Force Base in California.

This is the second time the F-35's have been grounded. The first flight ban was back in January after a fuel line problem. That flight ban lasted about a month.

"As the testing continues to go on, if they do find anything that needs to be halted and paused, and look and see how they're moving ahead with the wear and tear with this new aircraft, then they'll make the appropriate decision," said Capt. Reidinger. She says flight bans for new aircrafts are not uncommon.

"It's still going through some of the testing evaluations so they can make these precautions if necessary to ground the aircraft and make sure across the board that they're safe."

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