Brawley police looking for arsonist behind two fires

Brawley police looking for arsonist behind two fires


BRAWLEY, Calif.– (KSWT News 13) – Brawley Police are investigating two fires this week as arson.

The most recent fire was a two-alarm blaze that happened early Wednesday morning on E Street in Brawley.

The night before, there was another fire in the same area.

Police suspect the fires were no accident, due to how close they were to each other in time and location.

"The probabilities of fires happening this close together and the mysterious nature of how they're starting," says Commander Brett Houser of the Brawley Police Department. "On one of the fires, we did locate an incendiary device."

Police would not say what device they were referring to.

Houser says, for now, the two fires are currently being investigated separately.

"Currently, we're seeking out information independently, but anything that can connect these together and assist in our investigation would be greatly appreciated," Houser tells KSWT News 13.

Police are asking people to be vigilant and if they see anything out of the ordinary, contact police immediately.

"Public safety level is of immense concern to us. We've only had fires in abandoned buildings or buildings that are unoccupied. The fires pose immediate threat," Houser said.

Houser says nobody has been hurt in the fires.

Again, anyone with information about the suspicious fires are asked to call Brawley police.

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