Food City hit up by cyber scammers: Several reports of fraud


Food City hit up by cyber scammers: Several reports of fraud


Yuma, AZ- You may want to check your bank accounts right away if you're a Food City customer, the grocery store has fallen victim to a cyber attack.

Food City says criminals gained access to parts of their system which captures payment information.

The problem has been fixed but the damage is still unfolding.

"I had some credit card theft in my name and it wiped out my bank account," said Ray Munoz a Food City Customer.

He says he discovered a crook stole from him when his wife was trying to make a store purchase.

"My wife's credit card was turned down at a local merchant and when I did some investigating I found out there was 5 different charges that had been posted to my account," said Munoz.

Munoz tells KSWT News 13 thieves were spending his hard earned money in states across the country.

He says he reported the crime to his bank and to the police department.

Turns out he wasn't the only one.

Police say they have received at least 20 reports of credit card fraud all possibly tied to Food city.

The Grocery store has confirmed this claim.

"We were the targets of a cyber attack by highly sophisticated criminals who captured payment information from parts of our system so debt and credit card info was jeopardized," said Kristy Jozwiak the Director of communications of Basha's which owns Food City. She says the system was hacked statewide in February.

"This is something we have been told that's new. We have been told by forensic experts it's something that has never been seen before.The malware has been located and removed," said Jozwaik.

She says the company has been compliant with all Payment Card Industry Security Requirements. But since this crime occurred they have stepped up their security to better protect their customers.

"We have implemented additional security, our stores are one of the safest places to shop at right now," said Jozwiak.

Food City is encouraging customers who made purchases in February at any of their locations to closely monitor their accounts and report any unusual activity.

Food City also wants to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If customers have additional questions they can contact the customer service department at 480-883-6131.

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