Community shocked by chief of police retirement following vote o


Community shocked by chief of police retirement following vote of no confidence


CALEXICO, Calif. (KSWT News 13) - While news reached us weeks ago, residents in Calexico were shocked to learn about the retirement of their own police chief.

As of today, Jim Neujahr is no longer the top cop in the small border city. 

Neujahr decided to retire after his fellow officers gave him a vote of no confidence in January.

Residents in Calexico say they had no idea there was in-fighting within the Calexico Police Department.

According to them, while they trust the officers that serve and protect them, they question how a police department can function when officers can't trust their leader.

"They're not setting a good example," said Caneyri Galvan, a Calexico resident. She says she trusts the men in blue but it's hard for her to understand why officers didn't trust their own chief of police.

"They're supposed to like stop the fighting that's going around the city and they're fighting against each other?" Galvan wondered.

In January, the Calexico Police Department took a vote of no confidence against their leader. The Calexico Police Officers Association says there was low morale in the department and too much favoritism going on.

Not long after, Neujahr announced his retirement.

"Really surprised. Why did he retire, all of a sudden retired and didn't care about the community," said Galvan.

Another resident says the news came out of left field.

"They seemed to be so united when it comes to a lot of events and a lot of situations we've encounter in the valley," said Celeste Leon, a Calexico resident

Another resident says the announcement of new jar's retirement is a sign of weakness. "Because he did that it makes us think that he wasn't really doing a good job," said Pablo Beltran.

The Calexico Police Department has appointed an interim police chief. He is Lieutenant Gonzalo Gerardo.

But city council will have to take a vote and elect a permanent chief of police. We called city hall to find out when council members will take a vote but they didn't return our phone calls.

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