One of a kind warplane lands in Yuma in command of youngest acti

One of a kind warplane lands in Yuma in command of youngest active B29 pilot


YUMA, AZ - Yuma residents got a rare sighting of a one-of-a-kind bomber plane Thursday.

The only B29 war plane still flying landed at the Yuma International Airport this afternoon.

In command of the aircraft was Flights Operation Officer David Oliver.

He is the youngest pilot to currently flying a B29, but Oliver says he's no spring chicken compared to war veterans who sat inside the same cockpit.

"Sometimes you get up and you think wow how many people are going to go fly a B29 today and you realize you're it," said Oliver.

Volunteers were waiting for the historic aircraft to land and preserve its presence. As soon as it landed, volunteers had white rags on hand and wiped the war plane clean.

"Honor our veterans to keep this aircraft as a testament to them," said Oliver.

He says the B29 is a national treasure. He says he has deep respect for the aircraft and the young pilots who flew it during world war two.

"I'm actually an old man compared to the guys that flew these in world war two. They would have been 21, 22 years old. I'm 30 years old so I would have been the old guy but I'm certainly the youngest guy that's currently and actively flying the airplane today."

Oliver says the war aircraft was key during the Second World War. "It was one of the, or type of aircraft that dropped the atomic bomb, really probably was the most instrumental piece of equipment that ended world war two," he said.  

This is why many of the B29's parts were kept secret.

Thanks to war veteran volunteers around the country the last of this historic aircraft can still soar the country's skies. And Oliver says maintaining it is no easy task.

"We estimate that for about every one flight hour there's about 100 man hours that go in to maintaining the airplane," said Oliver.

If you want an up close and personal glimpse at this historic war plane, it will be in Yuma for three days. You can see the B29 on display during the MCAS Air Show on Saturday. And on the ramp at the Yuma International Airport Friday and Saturday for cockpit tours and maybe even ride.

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