Student reacts to his teacher being arrested for sex crimes


Student reacts to his teacher being arrested for sex crimes


Yuma, Ariz. (KSWT News 13)- "I wouldn't expect that to happen to him, he's such a good teacher," said Elijah Ayala a student at Aurora High School.

He says 56-year old Tommy Obeso is one of his favorite teachers.

"I thought he was a good teacher so I thought it was dumb what they were saying that about him. Even from what they told us today, like I still think it's dumb," said Ayala.

Ayala says police and school officials visited his class this morning to tell students Obeso a psychology and social studies teacher who has been at the school less than a year is not coming back.

Calexico Police say Obeso was on administrative leave for another issue when investigators conducted a sting operation where they were acting like a high school female student and talking to Obeso through Facebook.

They say Obeso agreed to meet with who he thought was a 17-year-old student to have sex, that's when police busted him.

With a teacher in jail and rumors buzzing around the campus, KSWT News 13 wanted to know what Calexico Unified School District is doing to comfort students like Ayala.

"We have already started to offer them services with our psychologist our counselors and we have even reached out to other agencies so they will help our students," said Hortencia Armendariz the Interim Superintendent.

She could not comment on Obeso or the investigation but she did tell us this...

"Have confidence in our schools, have confidence in our staff , if you want to address a concern, address it and we will listen."

As for Alaya he says while he's heard rumors about his teacher touching female students he never saw it happen and at least for now, he says he stands by his teacher's innocence.

"I really don't know, I just know he was a good teacher," said Ayala.

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