Border patrol agents face cuts up to 40%

Border patrol agents face cuts up to 40%


YUMA, AZ - The border patrol union in El Centro says a cut in pay for agents means a decline in border security.

The agency's union is speaking out against federal cuts from sequester. According to the border patrol agents could lose up to 40% of their pay.

Lombardo Amaya, with the El Centro Sector Border Patrol Union tells KSWT News 13 agents will go from working 50 hours a week to 40. The direct impact includes not only a decrease in pay, but will affect agents trying to make a living to support their families. On top of that, agents will have to take one furlough day off every month. Add it up and that could cost an agent upwards of $20,000 per year in income, which could also affect economy and border security.

Amaya says the impact of furlough and sequestration has serious consequences. He says not only will the border security be affected, but the overall morale amongst the agents will also take a dive. Over 1300 agents make up the El Centro sector, he says each one will see anywhere from a $1200 to a $1300 decrease per pay check. A decrease that will directly impact the community.  

Amaya says "We're going to have agents losing houses, losing vehicles, probably some families will disintegrate because of stress economically. The community is going to suffer. I have my daughter in guitar class or my son in jujitsu class. I'm not going to have money to support this local business."

Right now, the union tells KSWT they are trying to stop agents from having to take furlough days. However, if border patrol furloughs go through the union will appeal again and represent each agent on a case by case basis.


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