Firefighters warn of bees during springtime


Firefighters warn of bees during springtime

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Story by: Grecia Aguilar

YUMA, Ariz. (KSWT News 13) - Warmer weather brings sunshine, flowers, and of course: the birds and the bees.

But it's the bees firefighters are concerned about.

While feared as "killer bees," taking precautions like staying away from a hive, could keep you from getting attacked.

The best thing for you to do if you come across a swarm of bees is to turn around and walk away.

Do not swat at them because if you do, they'll become aggressive and start to attack.     

In the desert southwest, as citrus trees and plants start to bloom, bees come out to pollinate. That's when we'll start seeing more of them and our natural reaction is to swat them away or try to kill them.

Firefighters warn the best thing to do is just leave them alone.

Pubilc Information Officer Mike Erfert, with the Yuma Fire Department, says not all bees are killer bees, but when presented with danger, they will protect their hive and attack aggressively.

"Being sure that you look your property over, cracks in walls or open spaces in your home, or where a swarm of bees could accumulate," Erfert says.

Bees can be anywhere from agricultural fields to residential areas. Everyone is advised to seek shelter, indoors or in a car, if confronted with a swarm.

If you come into a situation where there is a swarm of bees, or possibly a hive, you should call a bee keeper to safely remove the bees. 

If you get stung, call 911.


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