Family of 3-year-old hit and run victim speak out

Family of 3-year-old hit and run victim speak out


YUMA, AZ - KSWT News 13 has learned more about the three year old child hit by a truck at a Yuma business Thursday.

The family of the baby say the driver got out the car, saw the kid, got back into his truck and left.

The three year old's uncle, Gustavo Rodriguez, tells KSWT News 13 he looked at the driver and told him to stop.

Rodriguez says his first reaction was to grab his little nephew who was screaming and crying. He says when the driver took off; it didn't faze him because he was more worried about his nephew. But he says the driver was fully aware he had run over the little boy who was riding his tricycle.

"I was shocked," said Rodriguez.

His father owns the tire shop located in the 2700 block of East 16th Street. Rodriguez says he and his sister often help their dad with the shop. Thursday was one of the days Rodriguez's sister was at her father's business with her kids when a man driving a white ford pick-up truck ran over her three year old son Michael who was riding his tricycle in the parking lot.

Rodriguez says one second his nephew was inside the tire shop's garage, the next second he was out of sight and that's when Rodriguez heard the screaming.

"He knew it. Right after he was out of the way, my nephew, he just left," said the victim's uncle.   

Rodriguez says he has never seen the man who ran over his nephew before but he does remember what he looks like.

"Mexican, short hair, beard, mustache, white shirt," Rodriguez explained. 

Yuma County Sheriff's Deputies confirm the man behind the wheel was driving a newer model white Ford pickup. They say it was a flatbed with a black trailer attached with what appeared to be a water tank inside.

Deputies returned to the scene Friday to ask Rodriguez what else he remembers of the driver.   

We asked Rodriguez if and when the driver gets arrested what does he want to see happen.

"Just to say sorry at least but he just left."

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