3-year-old hit-and-run victim flown to Phoenix hospital: conditi

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3-year-old hit-and-run victim flown to Phoenix hospital: condition worsened


YUMA, AZ - Deputies continue to search for the driver who hit a 3-year old boy and then left the scene in a white pick-up truck hauling a trailer. The hit-and-run happened last Thursday in the parking lot of a tire shop near Pacific Avenue and 16th Street.

Today, the boy's grandmother tells KSWT News 13 Michael Rogers' injuries are much more serious than doctors first thought.

Doctors at Yuma Regional Medical Center had been treating the 3-year old since last Thursday. Today, we learned doctors discovered he had two broken hips and began suffering internal bleeding. That's when the hospital transferred Michael to the Children's Hospital in Phoenix.

"He didn't want to step on the floor. He said 'ouwee ouwee,'" said Patricia Flores, Michael's grandmother.

Flores says her grandson asked her to take him for a walk around YRMC. But when he tried to get up, she says the 3-year old couldn't stand on his own two feet.

That's when she alerted doctors who then reviewed Michael's x-rays and discovered both of his hips were broken.

"It's all swollen down there. Really bruised up, scratched up so we have to be extra careful on how we move him up," said Flores. She says Michael is so sore he can not move his legs.

Yuma doctors also discovered Michael had internal bleeding that triggered a high fever of 105. "The bleeding did stop, they had to do a blood transfusion but...I guess they say that his own body can stop it inside," she said.

Sunday afternoon the toddler was flown to Phoenix for more treatment.

Flores says Phoenix doctors were not happy Michael wasn't flown out sooner. "They said that after the accident, he should have been here already. And it's already 3 days we waited at Yuma Regional," said the concerned grandmother.

Flores says he's still having a hard time sleeping. "It's a bad dream or he does remember the accident but Michael won't say," she said. But Flores says overall Michael is in good spirits. "He's watching cartoons; he's playing games on the phone. They brought a DVD player, one of those portable ones to watch Mickey Mouse, he's asking for Sponge Bob."

In the next three days, doctors in Phoenix will decide whether to put Michael in a cast or have his body heel on its own. But he is expected to make a full recovery.

Yuma County Sheriffs tell KSWT News 13 Michael's hit-and-run is considered a criminal investigation because the driver left the scene.

So far, no new leads have come in. Anyone with information is urged to call investigators at (928) 783-4427.

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