Local non-profits participate in statewide online fundraiser


Local non-profits participate in statewide online fundraiser

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YUMA, Ariz. (KSWT News 13) - March 20, 2013 marks Arizona Gives Day, a one-day online fundraiser that allows you to donate money to a non-profit organization in serious need.

One such organization is the Yuma Community Food Bank.

Donations trickled in very slowly for the Yuma Community Food Bank. Mike Ivers, president of the food bank says there's still time for you to donate money.

Ivers says even $1 can go a long way to ending hunger for someone who would otherwise go to bed tonight without eating.

"People are starving; people are literally starving in Yuma. I see it every day," said Ivers.

This is why Ivers says Arizona Gives Day" couldn't come at a better time.

A nearly empty food storage room paints a picture of the never ending struggle of the non-profit to feed needy families in Yuma County.

"The demand for our services is greater than ever," stressed Ivers.

Ivers says he has never seen the storage room at the food bank full and that's because donations are low and demands are high. The food bank survives mostly on donations. In fact, more than half of the contributions they receive come from online.

"We have to get more people involved and that's what we are working on," said Ivers.

On average, the Yuma Community Food Bank serves at least 24,000 people per month.

Ivers says with the summer months fast approaching, the demand for food is greater because kids can no longer depend of meals provided by their schools.

"I wanted to cry when I saw how many children were coming in with their families," he said. Ivers says the war on hunger is far from over but he won't stop fighting. "We're gonna win this war. We're gonna do it. I'm convinced... I'm very hopeful, very positive."

To make a donation, log onto www.azgives.org. Contributions wrap-up at midnight.

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