Yumans work together to help protect the county's water rights


Yumans work together to help protect the county's water rights


Yuma, Ariz. (KSWT News 13) Yuma County Supervisor Russ Clark attended a meeting Tuesday where other community leaders, farmers and business owners came together discuss Yuma's water rights.

He said right now they are in the initial stages so he couldn't give any specifics on what would be proposed or brought forward for next year's session, but he did say they are trying to come up with a plan that is good for everyone including the rest of the state.

"We have the water we need," said Clark.

He has been a strong opponent of HB2338 since it was first introduced in February by House Republican Andy Tobin.

The original bill called for creating a commission to sell some of Yuma's water supply to bigger cities.

"Some would maybe look and say it wouldn't hurt for us to lose some water but it would hurt, we can't lose our agriculture," said Clark.

If this bill were to be passed it could destroyed Yuma's $3 billion agricultural business. Clark says they expect for the bill to die and be brought back to life in the next legislative session.

He says for now community leaders, business owners and farmers are working together to come up with new ideas.

KSWT News 13 asked: Once you have a new plan and new idea do you think Tobin will actually take your advice?

Clark said, "Yes we are in hope that the plans and ideas we come up with will incorporate the needs for the whole agricultural community and the whole state. We recognize that there are places in this state that need additional help and we will make sure that that all gets worked in."

KSWT News 13 also wanted to know if Clark really thinks it's possible to create a water bill that everyone could be satisfied with.

"We are hopeful we can do it. We want to put something forward that's good for farmers and everyone," said Clark.


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