YCAT launches new door-to-door rides in Wellton


YCAT launches new door-to-door rides in Wellton


YUMA – (KSWT News 13) - YCAT is launching a new door-to-door pilot program called "WelltonCAT" on Friday.

"This new Wellton YCAT service is going to provide new shuttle type service for those that live within Wellton that need to access destinations within Wellton," says John Andoh, Transit Director for the Yuma County Intergovernmental Public Transit Authority (YCIPTA).

The hours of operation are limited, however, just four hours, one day per week.

"The service will operate every Friday from 10am - 2pm. People need to make a reservation by calling YCAT 15 minutes in advance and we'll get a bus to them in 15 minutes," says Andoh.

The phone number is (928) 783-2235.

The cost of the new service is very affordable.

"The fare's two dollars, both WelltonCAT and Brown Route 3. It's one dollar for seniors, 65 and older, persons with disabilities, Medicare card holders and students 5 to 18," explains Andoh.

"Brown Route 3" runs through the Foothills, where a similar pilot program was launched in January, where door-to-door service is two dollars more. Foothills riders can avoid the extra fee by catching their ride at a regular stop.

Both pilot programs are scheduled to for one year. Andoh says feedback so far is very good, and while the new pilot programs do give YCAT drivers more hours, they're unrelated to labor talks with First Transit.

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