Man sentenced to 16 years in mental health prison for killing mo


Man sentenced to 16 years in mental health prison for killing mother

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Story by: Reporter Karen Castro

YUMA, Ariz. (KSWT News 13) - A man who killed his mother by strangling her has been sentenced to 16 years in prison.

The judge who sentenced Michael Allen called the sentencing appropriate because he says that he too was a victim of his mother's upbringing.

Allen pleaded guilty to second degree murder last month.

Under the plea agreement, his sentencing includes serving time in a prison mental health facility.

In court this morning, Allen did not appear to show any emotion whatsoever during his sentencing, but emotions ran high as one of his aunts read a poem to the judge.

"I still remember the pain you endured, my sweet loving sister, you always put others first."

Expressing her heartfelt pain and suffering in the death of her sister, Michael Allen's aunt, who does not want to be identified, never made eye contact with her nephew.

"You will end with a new beginning, with your dear father."

Allen's aunt told Judge John Nelson she read the poem because she couldn't find the words to express the pain of her sister's murder at the hands of her own son.

Allen admitted to strangling his mother Cynthia Allen in December 2011.

She died in her Yuma home.

"I'm to the point where I just want to move away because each day he's here in Yuma I just feel like a panic attack every time I turn around and see someone that looks like him. "

Shortly after Judge Nelson sentenced Allen to 16 years in a prison mental health facility.

We learned Judge Nelson considered other factors in his ruling when he also identified Allen as a victim of abuse.

"This is an appropriate resolution for this defendant in light of the abuse he suffered and is really a product of his mother's upbringing," Judge Nelson said.

Allen's aunt, on the other hand, says she can finally look ahead and begin healing.

"So I can finally move on with my life and be happy again."

Judge Nelson gave Allen credit for 475 days, the number of days he has already served in jail.

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