Despite political opponents Yuma Mayor seeks re-election

Despite political opponents Yuma Mayor seeks re-election


Yuma, AZ - "Well I haven't gone through it yet, like I said I just got it, I don't know I'll probably have to get 180 or 200 signatures," said Mayor Al Krieger.

He just picked up his nomination packet and is seeking re-election, even after the whole council supported he be investigated for wrong doing.

"City council member put on a fierce campaign against me to discredit me and try to derail me, they wanted to discourage me in every way possible," said Mayor Krieger.

It's been almost a year and he has not been found guilty by the Attorney General's Office.

-So your saying the infighting going on right not is not encouraging you to just walk away??

"I don't know that infighting is the proper term, they are fighting against me and doing everything they can do to discredit me and just the opposite has happened, hundreds of people have come to city meetings to show their support for me," Said Mayor Krieger.

Right now there are 3 other open seats on the city council, KSWT NEWS 13 checked in with the incumbents today to see if they plan to seek re-election.

Paul Johnson says he is 98% sure he will run and both Jerry Stuart and Bobbi Lewis are undecided. At this point only Mayor Krieger is sure he wants to represent the city for another term.

- Why should the community consider voting to have you represent them for the next 4 years?

"I have been working for this community for years, I have been trying to clean up the city. There have been some good changes with animal control and I think we have got a lot of issues resolved. I have been a great ambassador for this community. I love this community and I think it's worth fighting for," said Mayor Krieger.

The fifth position up for election this year is Presiding Judge over Yuma Municipal Court.

that position is currently held by the Honorable Judge Douglas Stanley.

April 29th is the first day candidates can file nomination documents. The filing deadline is may 29th, candidates need at least 238 signatures from qualified voters in the city.

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