Keep Hope Alive Fundraiser

Keep Hope Alive Fundraiser


YUMA, AZ – A special fundraiser is held in Yuma today to help one family fight for justice after their loved one went missing in panama over a year ago.      

The fundraiser "Keep Hope Alive" is geared towards helping find Yvonne Baldelli and the family's search for justice. Baldelli went missing on November 26th 2011 in Bocas Del Toro, Panama.

Months later police in Panama ruled her disappearance a homicide investigation. Michelle Faust, the sister of Baldelli tells KSWT News 13 her sister had to be declared dead in order to move forward with the case.

She says right now her parents have secured a lawyer to help with efforts of keeping her sisters case from falling between the cracks. Faust says "Someone stole my sister from me and I don't know how that could ever be paid back. There is no real justice for that but there should be a legal system and that's what we're looking for right now."

All proceeds from today directly benefit the search for Yvonne Baldelli. For more information visit



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