El Centro Pastor back to work despite ongoing investigation

El Centro Pastor back to work despite ongoing investigation


El Centro, CA- The El Centro Pastor arrested and questioned for the deadly shooting that happened in his home last month is back to work.

It has been over a month since police arrested Pastor Patrick Drainville after police say he and his church friend Jeffery Barrelcliff were handling a gun when it discharged at his home near the 400 Block of Roadrunner Road in Imperial.

The bullet hit Barrelcliff in the abdomen and police say he died at the hospital. Pastor Drainville was questioned that day and later released.

Police were ruling this as an accident but they said manslaughter charges were still possible depending on finding more evidence.

The investigation is not closed but KSWT News 13 has confirmed that Pastor Drainville is back to work.

We spoke with Barry Cunningham a leader at the EL Centro Church of Nazarene to find out why the pastor is back to work when the investigation isn't officially over.

He tells us Barrelcliff's death certificate has printed on it that he died due to an accidental death and that's what they are going off of.

Cunningham also tells me the loss of Barrelcliff has been difficult for all church goers and they look to god for the strength to move forward.

At this point it is still unclear who pulled the trigger.

Again, Pastor Patrick Drainville has not been charged with a crime.

The investigation is ongoing.


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