Broken waterline that flooded homes and streets now repaired


Broken waterline that flooded homes and streets now repaired

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CALEXICO, CA (KSWT News 13) - Crews were out today repairing the damage after a worn-down valve led to a waterline break that left streets and some houses flooded.

The damaged valve has been repaired and City workers are now trying to get the remaining water out. 

The valve broke on Cesar Chavez Boulevard and left nearby streets submerged in water.

Some residents tell us they saw up to at least a foot of water around the neighborhood. 

Several nearby homes were flooded. Fortunately, the flood didn't cause any severe damage.

Others were more fortunate.

"Nothing really affected us," says resident Roberto Morlet, "Other than the driveway... it just got about halfway flooded but nothing more."

According to Calexico's Public Works Director, Nick Servin, the City is instituting a program to see which other valves need to be repaired so that they can prevent another flood from happening.

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