24-year-old woman facing murder for death of Wellton woman


24-year-old woman facing murder for death of Wellton woman


YUMA, AZ - The 24-year-old woman arrested in connection to the murder of a Wellton woman has her day in court.

Brandi Michalski was originally arrested on Friday for misconduct with weapons after she was involved in a hit-and-run accident on Madison Avenue that resulted in the lock down of several nearby schools.

Now police say evidence at the scene of the murder, evidence inside the vehicle, and evidence she was in possession of- all link her to the murder of 29-year-old Christal Figueroa.

Figueroa's body was found dumped in the citrus groves just south of Yuma on Friday.

Shackled at her hands and ankles, Brandi Michalski could be heard sobbing in court today.

Michalski even wiped away her tears as she heard the charges against her murder.

Tears of pain from the victim's aunt were also heard as she reminded the judge of Figueroa's three small children left behind after their mother's life was taken last week.

Speaking on the parent's behalf, Christal Figueroa's aunt pleaded with the judge to set Brandi Michalski's bond at $3,000,000 cash.

In court the aunt said "[Christal] is loved and missed very dearly, and we seek justice, your honor."

Prosecutors claim Michalski participated in the killing of Figueroa and have evidence to support it.

"This defendant, as evidence will show, is seen on video stashing one of the murder weapons; a distinctive rifle that's used to shoot a 30 caliber ammunition," said the prosecutor.

Prosecutors also claim Michalski and another suspect, who was only identified as Figueroa's former boyfriend, had ongoing hostilities toward Figueroa leading up to the day she was killed.

"The defendant here was seen with the co-suspect in a vehicle associated with this crime, a black SUV, on the evening prior to the killing. This vehicle additionally was seen the morning after, mere hours after the killing."

Due to Michalski's past behavior and the details surrounding this case, prosecutors feel she is a flight risk.

"On that day, Friday morning, this defendant and her co-accomplices were involved in a hit-and-run and the fled from the scene, dumped the vehicle as best they could in a short amount of time and each fled in a separate direction."

Judge Gregory Stewart set Michalski's bond at $2,000,000 cash only.

She will be back in court Friday.


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