Opening day at the Yuma County Fair


Opening day at the Yuma County Fair


YUMA, AZ - The 61st Annual Yuma fair Kicked off Tuesday.

Gates opened at 3 in the afternoon and attendees got in for just one dollar.

Live music from Billy Band-Jo, extraordinary talents from the Guido's Stage with Matx Baker, or backflips with Mickey from Wild About Monkeys are just some of the traveling acts that can  be caught this year at the Yuma County Fair grounds.

Thousands show up ever year for the fair for funnel cake, fry bread, carnival rides, exhibits, and to check out the live stock shows and competitions.

Earlybirds got a sneak peak from the Guido's Stage as he showed off some of his extra ordinary tricks.

Talent guru Matx Baker tells KSWT News 13 why people should attend his talent show at this years county fair.

He says, "where else you going to see someone catch a bowling ball on their head for a dollar? It's a dollar to get in today so I do stuff nobody else in the world does and if that's not worth the price of admission maybe some monkeys."

The fair lasts until Sunday and gates close at 10 p.m. For more information visit


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