Business booms at Yuma car wash after wind storm


Business booms at Yuma car wash after wind storm


YUMA, Ariz.  (KSWT News 13) – Though Monday's storm with gusts up to 60 miles per hour has come and gone, it has left a mess behind.

This means it's clean-up time for residents.

Dirty or muddy car windshields were common sights this morning.

That's when the perfect concoction for mud happened: winds picked up debris, and mixed it with rain.

So today, the car wash was packed with customers.    

"This is a good business to be in today if you don't mind waiting," said Claude Crutchfield who had to wait nearly an hour to get his car washed.

Employees were hard at work wiping down windows and shining wheels, yet they couldn't keep up with all the cars coming in to get washed.

"I had to turn the windshield wipers on with his thing and get it cleaned off so I could see through that. I couldn't see out that window," said Billy Berry.

Berry says having a clean car is a safety issue rather than a luxury.

"The wind was the biggest concern, the mud that wasn't the big thing for us. It was just the wind. That was scary," he said.

A dirty windshield can limit your visibility and become a safety hazard.

So if you're short on time or cash to stop by a car wash, you can stop by a gas station to squeegee away the grime off your windows.

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