Local Muslims react to talk of Boston bombing being tied to Isla


Local Muslims react to talk of Boston bombing being tied to Islam

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YUMA, Ariz. (13 On Your Side) - Amid reports of a religious motive behind the Boston Marathon bombings, the local Muslim community is reacting.

The FBI says the Tsarnaev brothers suspected in the bombings were motivated by a radical brand of Islam, but were not connected to a terrorist group.

13 On Your Side spoke to Dr. Noman Waked, the chairman of administration and finance of the Islamic Center of Yuma.

Dr. Waked says he is disgusted by the actions of the two young Muslims who bombed the Boston marathon. He says they used religion to justify their actions; actions that have no place in Islam.

Dr. waked insists Islam is a peaceful religion but regardless of religion, he says that everyone should respect the right of people to live.

Members of the mosque the brothers attended say on several occasions they had to ask them to leave because of their anti-American rants. Dr. Waked says he would have done the same.

He adamantly disputes the surviving suspect's claims that he acted on behalf of Islam.

"It's difficult to live your life defending who you are but those people who hide behind religion to carry out their evil act—they're disserving their people and their religion. There's no justification, under any circumstances, to take the life of innocent people."

Dr. Waked says he welcomes anyone who wants to learn more about Islam to come to his mosque, and adds that their doors are always open.

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