Residents rally against injustice after 3 go missing and one wom

Los Algodones

Residents rally against injustice after 3 go missing and one woman is murdered

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LOS ALGODONES, Baja California, Mexico (13 On Your Side) - 13 On Your Side attended a town hall meeting held in Los Algodones put on by residents who were not satisfied with police action in the wake of recent murders.

Residents of Los Algodones say they are concerned for their safety after someone murdered a young woman there last week.

To add to their tremor, three other people have gone missing in the last few months.

Residents say the plaza where tourists shop is the safest area of town because police have a heavy presence in that area, and have stopped patrolling their neighborhoods.

At Wednesday's town hall meeting, the people were calling on police to take action.

A woman at the meeting, Cecilia Cazares Martinez, whose niece was murdered last week, says she left the town hall without any answers and with very little hope justice will ever be served.

In the small town of Los Algodones, beyond the plaza where thousands of Americans come to shop, local residents have united in protest.

Cecilia Cazares Martinez is one of many who wants justice.

"Hasta que el govierno haga caso," she said. Until the government listens to us.

Last week, someone murdered her niece.

Cazares accuses police of turning a blind eye and ignoring her when she asked them to fully investigate the murder.

Today, her voice was finally heard after a weekend of mass protesting.

Hundreds of residents like Cazares Martinez also attended a town hall meeting organized by police.

Police say they want to work hand-in-hand with the community.

Cazares Martinez's niece was a young mother who left behind a six-year-old girl.

Police claim her niece's murder is an isolated incident of domestic violence.

13 On Your Side asked Cazares Martinez if she believes police. She said no.

Police also called on all residents not to be alarmed despite three other people who have gone missing.

For now, they announced the enactment of a 10:00 p.m. curfew for all teens.

For some it is a start. But Cazares Martinez is strongly disappointed.

She says she'll keep fighting until the truth is exposed and justice is served.

Los Algodones police say they are working with the federal government in Mexicali to bring in more police to help expand their patrols into nearby neighborhoods.

But they did not promise if, or when, that'll ever happen.


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