Report shows Yumans earn $5.00 less per hour compared to nationa


Report shows Yumans earn $5.00 less per hour compared to national average

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Story by: Meteorologist Tim Lavigne

YUMA, Ariz. (13 On Your Side) – A new report by the U.S. Labor Department shows workers in Yuma earn on average about $5.00 less than workers around the rest of the country.

We wanted to know the driving force on why workers in our area are paid significantly less.

Patrick Goetz, a business services officer, says there are simply not enough big businesses in the area to support the local job force.

On average, Yumans earn about $17.00 per hour, compared to $22.00 for workers across the country.

Add the high unemployment rate and the figures are even harder to swallow. Goetz says most businesses that are members of the chamber of commerce are small mom and pop businesses that do not have the financial security to hire more employees or pay them higher wages.

Goetz also goes on to say that improving education especially in science and technology will be key for Yuma to bring in higher paying jobs.