Third victim comes forward after man is arrested for molestation


Third victim comes forward after man is arrested for molestation


Wellton, Ariz. (13 On Your Side) "The suspect didn't have a fixed address," said Sergeant David Rodriguez with the Wellton Police Department.

Police are working closely with the Yuma County Sheriff's Office retracing every step of where Ronald Morgan lived over the last several years.

"We are reaching out to every household that he stayed at, possibly over night that had children at the home at that time. We are speaking to those children and parents talking to household members. They might come forward, they might not. It's a hit or miss with these types of cases," said Sergeant Rodriguez.  

It has been almost a week since the first victim came forward claiming Morgan broke into the home and molested her.

Since then, three more have come forward.

One victim is claiming the molestation took place a year ago, while the other two are claiming it happened to them between five and six years ago.

Why the delay in coming forward?

"Some of the victims were too young to even tell the stories of what happened to them at the time it occurred. So now that they are little older they remember and now they are speaking," said Sergeant Rodriguez.

He says there may be other victims out there who are too afraid or embarrassed to tell anyone. Because of the severity of this case, for the first time they had counselors on site to encourage those victims to speak out and they're also working with local schools.

"We're not going to accept this in our community, this is a very high profile case. The suspect was living here for a very long time and we want to make sure we do it right and find every victim out there so we can help them," said Sergeant Rodriguez.

He says counselors will be at the police station again on Tuesday.