Resident expresses concern about blowing dust along Avenue A


Resident expresses concern about blowing dust along Avenue A


YUMA, AZ - During last night's citizen's forum held at city hall one Yuma resident complained - about her neighborhood turning into a dust bowl every time the wind picks up.

13 On Your talked to residents in that area to find out just how bad and dusty it really is.

Becky Humphries, a 20 year resident who has lived directly in front of the dust bowl says, "The sand hits it and we've had the house re-stuccoed and the sand is blasting that away too."

Humphries says in the last 10 years blowing dust in her neighborhood has got worse. Se points blame at this big empty dirt lot residents call the dust bowl. She says "When wind blows even slightly and traffic is going by we get hit very hard with the sand it's destroyed our yard it's covered our yard it's hit us hard."

Humphries says the city put up this fence to help block the dust but the wind often knocks it down. She says "They've put the wall up many times it's blown down many times they fixed it this morning." Humphries says the flying dust has also made it hard on her allergies and on keeping her house clean. "When the wind blows I have allergies. My husband has allergies. The house inside is like dust all the time. We've even put in new windows and it doesn't' seem to help."

13 On Your Side asked Humphries what she would you like to see be done? I would love to have grass across the street where we can look at something that is nice but there wouldn't be all that sand."

So 13 On Your Side asked the city what it plans to do about the blowing dust. City Spokesperson Dave Nash tells us the city will weigh several options including putting up a barrier to block the dust and possibly planting grass to keep the dust from kicking up into the air every time its windy outside.

However, at this time Nash tells me the city will first consider costs - before coming up with a long-term solution.


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